Baby Boomers Support Aging Naturally, but Spending Habits Say Differently

Baby Boomers Support Aging Naturally, but Spending Habits Say Differently
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Baby Boomers and Matures plan to spend over $4 billion dollars this year on anti-aging products and treatments, despite their assertions that they believe in “aging naturally.” According to a study by Focalyst, a market research firm specializing in the consumer spending habits and attitudes of Baby Boomers (individuals born between 1946 and 1964) and Matures (those born before 1946), roughly 48 million of these consumers will purchase an anti-aging product over the next twelve months.

“We are seeing a true dichotomy between attitudes and behaviors around appearance and aging,” stated Heather Stern, Director of Marketing at Focalyst in a public statement. “This is particularly true among Boomers, who may perceive methods of fighting aging through any means that is not surgical or invasive as still being ‘natural.’”

Attitudes about aging were measured, with 42 percent of Baby Boomers and Matures (combined) maintaining that they agreed with the statement that “everyone should just age naturally.” Fourteen percent stated that they planned on purchasing anti-aging products in the next year, while over one quarter (26 percent) maintained that they agreed with both statements; that they believe in aging naturally, yet also plan to purchase anti-aging products this year.

Staying attractive to the opposite sex is a major motivator for looking young, regardless of the respondents’ marital status. More than two-thirds of married Baby Boomers and 70 percent of single Baby Boomers cited remaining attractive to the opposite sex as a factor in their desire to retain their youthful appearances. Most Boomer males (69 percent) state a desire to look attractive to the opposite sex, and maintain that they would purchase anti-aging products to do so. A large majority of single Matures state a desire to look young (62 percent) and to dress well (79 percent).

Despite plans to buy anti-aging products and treatments this year, a meager two percent of respondents state that they plan to undergo plastic surgery and/or Botox injections. Asian-American women are twice as likely as other Baby Boomers and Matures to purchase anti-aging treatments and products.

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